Now that we’ve opened two New York City locations, everything that's made our award-winning venues so special in the UK, is now available in the US – including our venue at 360 Madison which recently won Best Conference Venue Global at the Stella Awards. What’s more, the great news is, there’ll be more venues to rent in other US cities coming soon.

Venues to rent in convenient locations

We have venues to rent in New York. Click on the map markers to find out more about the individual venues.   

360 Madison Avenue BACK
Max room capacity 312
No. of rooms 10

360 Madison Avenue


New York, NY 10017


601 Lexington Avenue BACK
Max room capacity 224
No. of rooms 12

601 Lexington Avenue


New York, NY 10022


810 Seventh Avenue BACK
Max room capacity 140
No. of rooms 7

810 Seventh Avenue


New York, NY 10019


Discover a supercharged experience

Unlike many other venues, ours are purpose-built to optimise every single aspect of your stay. It’s why we say our venues are ‘supercharged not superficial’… 

Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure plenty of natural light to relax and aid concentration. Artificial lights and dimly lit rooms that leave attendees feeling drained.
Delicious and nutritious food created by onsite chefs to avoid energy slumps. Floppy sandwiches wrapped in tight plastic cling film. Yuck. No thanks.
Sound-proofed walls and ceilings to avoid unnecessary distractions. Bang. Bang. Bang. How do you focus when the venue’s walls are paper thin?
Fresh bean-to-cup coffee on tap to energise and stimulate your thinking. Lacklustre coffee urns that dispense lukewarm over-stewed cups of sadness.
Contemporary design and artworks create more vibrant surroundings to inspire ideas. Beige walls never inspired anyone. So, why do so many venues still have them?
Built-in AV including ceiling mounted projectors. Tech is ready to go. Adjustable Desk Projectors that need constant fiddling. Aargh!
Superfast Wi-Fi that’s quick to connect to and works wherever you are in the venue. Slow Wi-Fi that demands personal details and your life history before you connect.
Thoughtful layouts so speakers can be seen and heard from anywhere in the room. Poor room layouts and ill-placed pillars that obscure the stage and presenter.
Ergonomic furniture ensures supreme comfort and aids attendee concentration. Rigid seating that leaves attendees wriggling, uncomfortable and irritable.
In-house hybrid tech helps extend face-to-face meetings quickly and effortlessly. Third party AV supplier who makes virtual meetings virtually impossible.