A better way to have a meeting in New York

Looking to rent a meeting room in New York City? We have brought our award-winning experience in designing beautiful meeting spaces to Manhattan. We are confident that your attendees will instantly love our nutritious food, modern design, attentive service and the abundance of natural light that floods our venues. It's time to have a better, more productive meeting at etc.venues.

Our New York meeting venues

Our meeting venues in Midtown Manhattan are ideally located close to convenient transport links. We have plans to expand our meeting venue portfolio across New York City. Click on the map markers below to view more details about our venues with meeting rooms.

360 Madison Avenue BACK
Max room capacity 312
No. of rooms 10

360 Madison Avenue


New York, NY 10017


601 Lexington Avenue BACK
Max room capacity 224
No. of rooms 12

601 Lexington Avenue


New York, NY 10022


810 Seventh Avenue BACK
Max room capacity 140
No. of rooms 7

810 Seventh Avenue


New York, NY 10019


Reserve your meeting room in New York

You can reserve you meeting room in New York from anywhere in the world. A few clicks on our online booking tool and you are all set.

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Top 3 New York Meeting Rooms

'Fiscal' is a modern meeting boardroom in New York City, Manhattan. With natural light and great facilities.

1. ‘Fiscal’ Boardroom

The ‘Fiscal’ boardroom is located at etc.venues 601 Lexington. This elegant room on the 14th floor of the building is […]

1. ‘Fiscal’ Boardroom

The ‘Fiscal’ boardroom is located at etc.venues 601 Lexington. This elegant room on the 14th floor of the building is ideal for a corporate executive meeting. Contemporary art and a beautifully lit ceiling coffer add to the stylish feel of this modern room. Bathed in sunlight throughout the day this is a great room for an important meeting.

Address: etc.venues 601 Lexington, New York, NY 10022

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'Progress' meeting room is located at our Midtown Manhattan venue 360 Madison Avenue.

2. ‘Progress’ Meeting Room

If you are looking to make progress in your negotiations then this is the meeting room to use. Situated on […]

2. ‘Progress’ Meeting Room

If you are looking to make progress in your negotiations then this is the meeting room to use. Situated on the 5th floor of our 360 Madison Avenue venue, this spacious room can accommodate all the key parties with room for up to 24 people. 

Address: etc.venues 360 Madison, New York, NY 10017

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Our 'Prospect Park' meeting suite is located in Midtown Manhattan, at our 810 Seventh Avenue venue.

3. ‘Prospect Park Suite’

Coming soon: One of the exciting new meeting rooms to open later this year at etc.venues 810 Seventh Avenue. This […]

3. ‘Prospect Park Suite’

Coming soon: One of the exciting new meeting rooms to open later this year at etc.venues 810 Seventh Avenue. This suite is on a private self-contained floor with views north towards Central Park and south towards Times Square. It will have its own lounge and coffee point with a vibrant SMEG fridge full of refreshing beverages. Perfect for a small press conference, launch event or even drinks on New Years Eve.

Address: etc.venues 810 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019

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What's included when you rent our meeting rooms in Manhattan?

Here are just a few of the inclusions to ensure your meeting runs smoothly:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure plenty of natural light to relax and aid concentration.
  • Sound-proofed walls and ceilings to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  • Fresh bean-to-cup coffee on tap throughout the day to energise and stimulate your thinking.
  • Contemporary design and artworks create more vibrant surroundings to inspire ideas.
  • Built-in AV including ceiling mounted projectors. Tech is ready to go.
  • Superfast Wi-Fi that’s quick to connect to and works wherever you are in the venue.
  • Ergonomic furniture ensures supreme comfort and aids concentration.
  • In-house hybrid tech helps extend business meetings quickly and effortlessly.


Make the right choice with your meeting room

Unlike the office, a hotel or even the local café, our venues are purpose-built to optimise every single aspect of a meeting. It’s why we say our venues are ‘supercharged not superficial’.

  • It means you can look forward to freshly prepared food: Our in-house chefs prepare meals that are as nutritious as they are delicious, ensuring your attendees are always fired-up.

        Find out how great food makes a great meeting.

  • It means you can expect the latest smart tech: Our state-of-the-art built-in AV, superfast WiFi and onsite support ensures seamless connections in every event room.

        Find out how Wi-Fi can enhance your attendee experience.

  • It also means you can enjoy a purposefully designed environment: Our spaces are built to inspire and stimulate interaction with striking design and provocative contemporary art.

        Find out how design creates more memorable meetings. 

If you haven't already, watch our brand video to help understand why it is best to choose a 'supercharged' venue. 

Small meeting rooms and large meeting rooms

No matter the size of your meeting we have a solution for you. Our three locations offer meeting room rentals for groups from 2 upto 312. 

360 Madison Avenue has two interconnecting meeting floors with a large and flexible meeting room on both levels. If you are looking for a big meeting room for a business event that needs to be private then this venue has the perfect solution.

601 Lexington Avenue is one continuous floor of meeting space. Seven small meeting rooms run along one side of the venue offering board rooms for executives or pitch meeting rooms for agencies.

810 Seventh Avenue is coming later this year. It will offer seven meeting and conference rooms across 2 floors. It will also be the first venue use the latest in LED tiles for the reception video wall.

Reserve your New York meeting room online

Your meeting room 3-step tech-check 

Meeting room technology has evolved a great deal over the past two years. Video conferencing is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. However, not all venues have suitably equipped meeting rooms to ensure a seamless, glitch-free experience. With that in mind, here’s a quick 3-step tech-check to ensure your meeting goes smoothly:

  1. Wi-Fi needs to be fast. Connectivity needs to be effortless and powerful enough to accommodate your online streaming requirements. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than chatting to virtual colleagues on-screen who’ve frozen mid-conversation. It doesn’t just slow down the communication, it kills the flow and it’s easy to lose track of the point that’s being made and can potentially ruin your meeting. 
  2. Projectors and screens need to be built-in, not wheeled in. You should not have to waste valuable meeting time plugging in screen and projector cables. It should all be set up and ready to go. The tech is there to facilitate and empower you, not slow down or stall your meeting. 
  3. Video display screen can be seen clearly. The LED screen ought to be clear and easy on the eye. Just as importantly, the chairs and table layout should be designed so that everyone in the room can take part without any straining or adjustment. It’s important that attendees can continue to work at the table while they are engaging with colleagues on screen. 

Find out more about our simply solutions for small meetings on our hybrid solutions page.

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