Now that we’ve opened up two New York City locations, everything that's made our award-winning meeting space so special in the UK, is now available in the US. And the great news is, we have just announced a third venue in West Midtown. Watch this space as there’ll be more meeting rooms to rent in other US cities coming soon!    

Purpose-built US meeting spaces

When you rent a meeting room in the US, you should expect purpose-built spaces created to maximise your meeting agenda. Unfortunately, many US meeting rooms fall short of this – and don’t include the basics such as natural light, sound-proofed walls and freshly cooked, nutritious food. When you rent one of our US meeting rooms, you can look forward to all that and more. Learn about the different New York meeting rooms you can rent.

East Coast, North America Meetings 

We chose Manhattan as the first location for our three meeting and conference venues because it’s a popular location for both national and international townhall meetings and board meetings.

Conveniently Located US Meeting Space to Rent

Nationally, many US companies opt to hold their meetings in New York as team members from offices in nearby cities – including Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington – are able to commute there and back within a day.

Great Transport Links

Larger international gatherings tend to be multiple day meetings to maximize the time spent collaborating face-to-face. With excellent transport links and airports, New York is an easy location to hold your next international meeting and our three US meeting and conference venues are the perfect place to host them.

Business meetings are best face-to-face

In-person or face-to-face meetings offer a huge number of benefits when conducting business. If you are looking to see eye-to-eye in a negotiation it is much better done face-to-face. Virtual meetings simply don't deliver the same outcomes and rarely contribute to the wider development of relationships. Find out more about how a face-to-face meeting feels more natural. 

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Key Venues

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The latest trends in meeting space

Over the past few months, how we meet up has been shaken up. Delegates’ needs and expectations have changed and new meeting space trends have emerged:

  • A meeting is a destination in its own right. It’s no longer enough to choose a meeting room in a convenient location. In fact, good public transport connections are now a pre-requisite. Getting there ought to be hassle-free. More than that though, the area where your meeting is located also needs to be appealing. Now, more than ever, delegates want to make the most of their free time after a meeting – whether it’s to do a spot of shopping or meet up with friends and colleagues at a café, gallery or restaurant after work. That’s why our meeting venues are located near popular hotspots such as Grand Central Terminus, Times Square, 5th Avenue and The Rockafeller Center. 
  • Every meeting matters. Gone are the days when meetings take place for meeting’s sake. There are no more frivolous catch-ups. Instead, the meetings of today are organised with a specific purpose in mind; with key aims and objectives for the business. It’s why our meeting rooms are designed to optimise the time you spend together – with superfast Wi-Fi, effortless connectivity, built-in tech, natural light, nutritious energy-boosting meals and ergonomic furniture to ensure comfort and full concentration throughout the day.
  • A meeting needs to be experiential. Perhaps the most interesting new trend that has emerged is the desire to book ‘beautiful meeting space’ that provides a more elevated experience and reflects positively on the booker or the brand. 
  • Private meeting space is a must. In the age of co-working and open plan offices a meeting room with a door is essential for constructive collaboration. It is no longer suitable to hold a meeting on the floor of the office, unless it is a quick catch up. Participants are much more likely to focus on the agenda if the meeting is free from interruptions.
  • On-demand meeting space isn’t guaranteed. As more meeting venues see demand for meeting rooms increase, it has become more difficult to book meeting rooms on-demand on the day you need them. That’s why it makes sense to plan ahead and book your meeting room well in advance.

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Meeting room rental FAQs

Fully equipped meeting room amenities include the following:


  • Natural light
  • Breakfast on arrival
  • Lunch prepared by in-house chefs
  • Unlimited coffee, tea and refreshments
  • Plasma screens and flipcharts in all rooms
  • Water coolers in all rooms
  • Free high speed wireless internet access
  • Registration on arrival
  • Client stationery
  • Storage of materials
  • Industry-leading service