Taking an ethical approach

We strive to make a positive difference in society by taking a fair and ethical approach in the way we interact and treat the people that work for us, the communities we are located within and the suppliers and partners that support us.

Achievements: From fair treatment to fair trade

An important part of our commitment to our teams, local communities and society as a whole is sharing our achievements. Here are just a few from 2022:



60% of our employees have made use of either our wellbeing or our cycle to work benefits in 2022.



Over 6,000 hours of training logged around our sustainability, accessibility and diversity modules.



Over 6200 hours of volunteering undertaken by our teams in 2022 for various local and global causes.



We have provided over £24k of in-kind value to help support the work of our nominated charities.

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Sourcing

100% of our venues have a Bronze Accreditation from Soil Association ensuring food is ethically sourced.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

100% of our tea and hot chocolate is responsibly sourced fair trade or rainforest alliance certified.


Taking Care of Our Employees

The quality of our food, design and tech is important but it’s our people that, ultimately, set us apart. We benefit hugely from their passion, enthusiasm and dedication so it is only right that they should benefit from working for an organisation that genuinely supports and respects them.

That’s why we offer competitive starting wages and a whole host of employee benefits, from the Cycle to Work Scheme to delicious freshly cooked lunches created by award-winning chefs, every day.

To learn more, download our employee benefits page below.

Employee Benefits

Chefs And Kitchen Staff

Developing Potential

Training and education is pivotal to our company. In an ever-changing industry we prioritise learning to ensure everyone is aligned towards the same goal. We believe our people ought to be empowered with the right tools, knowledge and opportunities to deliver. This includes specific modules for sustainability, diversity and accessibility on our training platform so that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information.

We also have a robust induction training programme for all departments, with refresher training, mentoring and leadership programs to nurture, inspire and develop the leaders of the future.

Safety, Health and Wellbeing

We are committed to the wellbeing of our team and have a wellness allowance available for each employee every year. Mental Health resources are available through a free Employee Assistance Helpline with confidential counselling and advice. The counselling & advice helpline covers a variety of personal and workplace issues such as:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Everyday financial or legal struggles
  • Workplace stress

The services paid for by us with no cost to staff.


Listening to Our People: Employee Engagement

We believe the most effective way to boost employee engagement and enhance job satisfaction is by listening to our people.

We regularly hold surveys for our teams and relish the feedback provided, using it to shape our working practices and enhance and optimise our teams’ day to day experience.

Additionally, we hold bi-annual updates to keep everyone abreast of our ambitious plans and new developments. This is another opportunity for people to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions.


Across our portfolio of UK and US venues we think inclusively and design with different needs in mind. You can find out more about the accessibility features of all our venues here.

What’s more, each year we audit our digital assets and website to ensure we adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. You can find out more and read our Website Accessibility Statement below.



Local Charity, Local Support

We have chosen YoungMinds as our nominated local charity. It’s a charity that has very similar origins to ours. YoungMinds began over 20 years ago and is local to our first venue, etc.venues Avonmouth House, which we opened in 1992. The charity champions the wellbeing and mental health of young people and they support parents to help their children through difficult times and equip professionals to provide the best possible support for the young people that they work with.

We’re thrilled to be working with YoungMinds – supporting their fundraising efforts both financially and by providing them with access to our venues and other resources when needed.

YoungMinds Website

Young Minds Charity logo.

People Goals

Communication & Awareness

1. Sustainability policy is in place on our website and on display in our business for customers to see. […]

Communication & Awareness

1. Sustainability policy is in place on our website and on display in our business for customers to see.

2. Our Green Story & Goals are on our website and on display for customers to see.

3. All our venues are accredited by industry recognised bodies and these are displayed on our website.

4. Our customer feedback forms include optional sustainability questions to help us learn and improve.

5. Our Sustainability Ambassadors meet monthly and produce a report on our progress which is shared with the rest of the company in a newsletter.

6. Each year we produce a Green Action Plan with quantifiable targets, goals and timelines.

7. All our people policies are reviewed annually and signed off by our board.

8. Our induction and all ongoing training includes awareness of the Green Action Plan and our Sustainability Policy.

9. We screen all our suppliers for their commitment to sustainability.

10. We regularly share updates and progress on social media and have a communication plan in place around sustainability.


  • Annually review our sustainability policy and ensure it is communicated across the business
  • Annually update our policies.
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Community & Wellbeing

1. Over 6200 hours of training logged by our teams on sustainability modules. […]

Community & Wellbeing

1. Over 6200 hours of training logged by our teams on sustainability modules.

2. Over 500 hours of volunteering undertaken by our teams for various causes.

3. We support Young Minds as our National social charity and are working on a Global environmental charity.

4. Wellbeing and mental health are included in induction, are talked about openly and are part of our employment strategy.

5. We produce a monthly newsletter for all staff with key support for mental health and wellbeing.

6. Annually we create awareness and wellbeing activities on Mental Health Day.

7. 60% of our employees have made use of our wellbeing or cycle to work benefits.

8. We have a comprehensive Accessibility Guide on our website.

9. We have installed features and measures to help people with their physical and hidden disabilities.

10. We have provided over £24k of in-kind value to our nominated charities.


  • We aim to offer 4 volunteering sessions per annum for our staff to get involved in community environmental projects.
  • Ensure 95% completion on all sustainability training modules every year.
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Ethical Sourcing

1. All our venues have a Bronze Accreditation from The Soil Association which certifies food is responsibly sourced and locally grown […]

Ethical Sourcing

1. All our venues have a Bronze Accreditation from The Soil Association which certifies food is responsibly sourced and locally grown where possible.

2. Food sourcing information is on our website and social channels where we use the Defra definition for locally sourced food.

3. Our venues offer plant-based vegan and vegetarian alternatives which are also promoted through social media.

4. We’ve established long-term relationships with trusted ethical suppliers without compromising on quality.

5. 100% of our Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate is either Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance certified.

6. We promote purchasing policies and decisions that embrace ethically sourced products as well as being environmentally sound.

7. We consider health and wellbeing by offering food that always includes healthy alternatives.

8. Only venue group to be accredited by the Coeliac Society and cater for all guests’ dietary requirements.

9. All our venues offer alternative food and beverage that can accommodate special and religious dietary requirements.


  • We aim to retain our Bronze Accreditation from the Soil Association.
  • We will continue to be accredited by Coeliac Society.
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1. Public Transport information on the website for all venues. […]


1. Public Transport information on the website for all venues.

2. We highlight the cultural heritage of our locations and their surroundings for those visiting on our website and through our social media.

3. We locate our venues close to mass transport links and have agreements in place with nearby hotels to minimise the need for individual transport.

4. We offer employees a cycle-to-work scheme 

5. We offer walking and cycling guidance for each venue on the website.

6. We monitor business travel for staff and have measures in place to reduce the impact of travel undertaken within the business.

7. We promote the use of electric vehicles with our suppliers for deliveries.

8. We provide onsite storage for AV partners to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries to our venues.


  • To begin to monitor the travel and transport to the venues for our delegates.
  • Expand the information available for delegates and visitors on the local area and cultural heritage of our venues.
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