As lockdown restrictions are eased, how will meeting spaces adapt to the new 'normal'? Over the past few weeks, our senior team addressed questions like this - and more - through a series of industry webinars and offer advice on how you can plan for successful meetings going forwards. 


Mastering Hybrid Events:

4th & 5th June.

Can you make a virtual meeting engaging? Nick Hoare, our Chief Operating Officer, shares his thoughts with a panel of other leading industry figures.

The webinar was presented by Narrowcast Media, in partnership with Neil Stewart Associates & The Association of Association Executives

Below is a short introduction video. For more details and to see the full version of the 2-day webinar click here


The Future of Venues Webinar:

10am, Wednesday 17th June.

The way forward for venues over the next 12 months. Alastair Stewart, our MD, joins a panel to discuss thoughts on the future of venues.

This webinar was presented by London Launch and hosted by Sam Gill of Excellor.

For more details and to see the full video click here.


Sales Management Post-Pandemic:

10.30am, Thursday 18th June.

A new sales strategy for venues re-opening. Margaretha Welsford, our Sales Director, shares her thoughts with a select panel of industry leaders.

This webinar is presented by Meetings Industry Association and hosted by Jane Longhurst and Mark Gallen

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How to get your online participants more engaged.

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Below is a short introduction to Mastering Hybrid Events from Nick Hoare.