Baked tortilla with all the right things

By Rhys Davies

Baked tortilla with all the right things; guacamole, roasted red pepper dip, chunky salsa, nacho cheese sauce.

The Baked Tortilla 

Ingredients: 1 pack of tortilla wraps, cayenne or chilli powder, salt and pepper and olive oil.

Method: Simply take the tortilla wraps from the pack and cut the tortillas into 2 finger width pieces. Next place them on a backing tray and lightly drizzle with the olive oil, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle the cayenne or chilli powder. Remember the more you add of the cayenne and chilli powder the hotter the result. Pop them in the oven at 170 degrees (Gas Mark 3) for about 5 - 7 minutes or until crunchy and lightly golden.

The Guacamole

Ingredients: 2 Avocados, 1/2 a lime, 4 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 a red onion and a handful of chopped coriander.

Method: Half the avocados and remove the stones, then spoon out the flesh into a bowl. Squeeze the half of lime over the avocados making sure the pips don't fall in. Finely dice the red oinion and chop the cherry tomatoes then add both to the bowl with the avocados. Sprinkle in the chopped coriander. Next using the back of a fork crush and mix all the ingredients together.

The Roasted Pepper Dip

Ingredients: 2 red peppers, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 celery stick, oil olive, red wine vinegar and 5 leaves of basil.

Method: Start by heating a frying pan, split the 2 red peppers in half and remove the seeds and stalks. Add a little drizzle of oil to the pan and then add the peppers skin side down, roughly chop the celery and garlic and add to the pan. You want to cook these in the pan until the peppers are starting to really char. Now add 2 table spoons of red wine vinegar and remove from the heat. Pour all the ingredients into a bowl and cling film the top and allow to cool.

Once cool - chop all the ingredients and mix in the basil leaves and 4 more table spoons of olive oil.

The Chunky Salsa

Ingredients: 4 salad tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic, 1/4 of a cucumber, 1 red onion, 10 cherry tomatoes, coriander, olive oil, 1/2 lime and 2 birds eye chilli.

Method: Cut the 4 salad tomatoes in half and bake in the oven with a little drizzle of olive oil for 15 minutes at 160 degrees (Gas Mark 3). Finely dice the cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes and add to a bowl. Crush the garlic cloves and add to the bowl. Chop a handful of coriander and add to the bowl. Squeeze the juice from the line into the bowl. Remove the seeds from the chilli and finely slice then add these to the bowl as well. Once the baked tomatoes are cool chop these further and add to all the other ingredients. Add a further drizzle of olive oil to finish. 

The Cheese Sauce (pictured with onion garnish)

Ingredients: 2 tbsp of butter, 2 tbsp of plain flour, 240ml whole milk, 170g grated cheddar cheese, 1/2 tsp of chilli powder.

Method: Make a roux by melting the butter in pan on a low heat. Once melted add the flour and mix until it forms a very thick paste. Continue to cook this on a low heat for around 2 minutes stirring often if not all the time, then slowly add the milk in about 3 parts cooking and stirring until you have a smooth sauce. Add in the grated cheese and mix in to ensure the sauce is smooth. To finish power into a bowl and add the chilli powder and a pinch of salt.

Hope you enjoy. I will be tucking in to this with my favourite box set on Netflix - Rhys Davies - Head Chef at etc.venues St Pauls