The benefits of face-to-face meetings

The best way to develop meaningful business relationships with colleagues or clients is through a face-to-face meeting. These are just some of the wonderful benefits:


Easier to read a room. Everyone has the chance to pick up the nuances of each other's body language - making it easier to read between the lines and develop trust and empathy. 


Focussing is simpler. Online meeting attendees often multi-task (e.g. checking texts and emails) so can quickly lose the focus. This is less likely to happen in-person as attendees can see each other.


Feels more natural. A pause during a face-to-face conversation is quite natural whereas silence in virtual meetings can create anxiety as it's difficult to judge whose turn it is to speak.


Stimulates creative thinking. Even a simple act of getting a coffee or a glass of water can spark a conversation with other colleagues. There are no 'water cooler' moments during a virtual meeting.


More inspiring. Where we meet matters and influences the way we think, respond and behave. After all, whose home office or spare room is genuinely set up to get the creative juices flowing?

Chancery Lane

The effort is appreciated. It takes time to arrange a face-to-face get together which is always appreciated by colleagues and clients. Especially if the meeting is at etc.venues - where there's space to inspire, fresh food to energise and an award-winning team to make it happen.

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