Helping landlords attract high value tenants

Attracting premium clients used to be straightforward. It often came down to 'location, location, location.' However, today's tenants and their workforce are far more demanding. They expect more from a building. They want 'amenities, amenities, amenities.'

That's where we can help

Transforming your building and the bottom line

Our Property Solutions Team has over 25 years' experience creating breath-taking amenity-enhanced space - to deliver asset appreciation and revitalise tenancy and rents for landlords.

A proven approach

Our approach is simple but rigorous. By collaborating closely with your teams, we ensure a full understanding of your brief. That way, budgets and timings are always met and expectations are exceeded.

The process comprises of four distinct phases - offered as a single package or which you can select separately according to your specific needs:

Phase 1: Planning & Initial Design

The planning phase could easily be called the 'listening' phase. Working with you, we gather crucial insights (such as the type of tenants you want to attract). Once we have this data, initial designs and treatments are created outlining colours, lighting, materials, graphics, artworks, audio visual and IT.

Phase 2: Design & Optimise

Initial designs are reviewed. If necessary, adjustments are made through a value engineering process; optimising your budget and advising on all aspects of selection, coordination, procurement and installation of furniture, fixtures and operating supplies and equipment.

Phase 3: Build & Controls

We participate in progress site visits throughout the construction including a final check of the amenity to ensure quality standards are met. It's at this stage, that we begin development of operational standards and procedures manuals.

Phase 4: Training & Operation

Once construction is finalised, we commission training and organise a marketing launch including pre-opening events. Operation is a separate agreement based on pre-agreed commitment with budgets and performance measurements set out.

Let's start the journey together

Over the years, we've designed, built and operated spaces across London and New York. We've helped landlords such as Boston properties strengthen their relationships with tenants and successfully compete by meeting the demands of today. Now, we'd like to do the same for you.

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