Discover how hybrid meetings could seriously boost attendance

Not sure whether to plan an online or face-to-face get together? Then plan a hybrid meeting or event instead. That way, those who want to meet in-person can join you and those that can't are still able to interact virtually. It's the best of both worlds and could seriously boost attendance.

When it comes to hybrid tech, our AV team is the A team

etc.venues has teamed up with the award-winning technology and software provider Glisser to provide planners with a range of benefits.

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A hybrid meetings 'package' that includes world-class venue facilities and award-winning audience engagement technology - for a frictionless event. 

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Seamless offering bringing together physical and virtual audiences into one live collaborative experience. 

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Flexibility to plan with certainty with scope to alter in-room or virtual attendee numbers up or down as required.

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Reassurance of fast & secure wi-fi in each venue to handle the tech and security requirements.


Holistic view of insights with a single set of engagement data to help you refine your approach.

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Cost-effective proposition based around in-room and virtual delegate numbers.

Why Hybrid meetings often work best today.

More attendees - more ways to attend boosts numbers.

Green credentials - reduces travel with environmental benefits

Reduced planning risk - easy to change the in-room/virtual balance.

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On top of all these benefits, you also have the reassurance of knowing our venues meet the strictest hygiene standards. Thanks to our 18-point plan and our close collaboration with one of New York's premier cleaning companies, your event is in safe (and fully sanitised) hands. 

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