You've picked the best graduates for your programme. Now pick the best venue

You've organised roadshows, visited universities and interviewed a long list of candidates before finally selecting your chosen graduates. Now that you've found the best talent, isn't it worth picking the most effective learning environment for their induction? That's where we can help.

The ultimate conditions for effective learning

Over the past 27 years, we've collaborated with some of the world's leading employers and trainers. Working with these professionals, we've designed venues which provide the ultimate conditions for effective learning including:


Natural light to energise and optimise concentration


Sound-proofed walls to eliminate any distractions


Powerful infrastructure and superfast WiFi for seamless connectivity


Latest Hybrid tech to bring virtual and in-person attendees together


Breakout areas to unwind or for one-to-ones with peers and trainers


Delicious 'brain food' created by onsite chefs to avoid afternoon slumps


Vibrant interiors to simulate conversations and creativity


Plenty of space to think, learn and practice safe social distancing

Chosen by the world's top employers

Every year, we host over 33,000 new recruits with many of the world's top employers picking our venues to run their graduate and intern programmes.

Why do they choose us?

It's because they know that environment plays a crucial role. In fact, many professional trainers - such as Saj Jetha, Founder of Smarty Train - also agree. You can hear his thoughts in the video below.

Create an outstanding first-impression

We have the proven specialist know how and infrastructure to ensure your graduate and intern programme is a resounding success; leaving your new recruits with an outstanding first impression of your company and preparing them for the years ahead.

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