Watch our 1 minute video to see how to assemble your VR goggles and step into our venues from the comfort of your office chair! Visit or

  1. Remove plastic packaging and outer sleeve
  2. With the lenses facing you open the goggles from the pink flap at the top.
  3. Unfold smaller flaps and pull towards you, folding and sealing each side using the Velcro.
  4. Remove protective film from goggle lenses.
  5. Set up your smartphone using one of the URL’s provided eg. or
  6. Ensure your phone is set on autorotation and you are on full screen (icon in the bottom left corner)
  7. Visual should change as you move the phone, roaming through the venue.
  8. Click on the goggles icon (bottom right corner) to enable VR view. (This will split the screen)
  9. Place your phone in the front of the goggles securing with the Velcro flap.
  10. Step inside and explore the space
  11. Keep the focus on any room names in the VR that you would like to explore further!