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A message from Ryan Simonetti, CEO and co-founder of Convene, and Nick Hoare, managing director of etc.venues, regarding the joining of the two companies:

Today we announced that Convene has acquired etc.venues, an established leader in urban day conferencing with venues across the United Kingdom in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, and in the United States in New York City.  With this addition, we are excited to share that Convene is now the largest single provider of dedicated premium meeting and event venues in the U.S. and UK and can now create extraordinary experiences for our clients in more places and exciting new ways.

We believe that the workplace of the future is a meeting space. While individual work can be done anywhere, there is nothing - not even with all the advances in technology - that can replace the magic that happens when you bring people together.  Beyond alignment in offering purpose-built meeting and social spaces with the tools and amenities that inspire collaboration, Convene and etc.venues share an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, hospitality-driven meeting and event experiences to enable your best work.  The joining of our two companies allows us to strategically expand our global presence - for a total of 38 locations across our shared portfolio - while continuing to offer a best-in-class solution.

 As we move from being two distinct and established leaders in the meetings and events industry to one prominent combined entity, we will take the time to learn from one another so that our clients and landlord partners may benefit from our shared expertise.  Looking forward, we will expand and scale as a unit to serve an even larger client base and help more landlords amenitise their commercial real estate asset.

Over the next few months, we will begin taking steps to fully integrate our operations, but for now will continue “business as usual” - no immediate changes to existing events, programming, pricing, nor operations - besides, of course, the fact that we are now pleased to have nearly 40 venues available for use across the U.S. and UK.

For more information on the acquisition and what this means for our clients and landlord partners alike, you can read our full FAQs below.

 We look forward to welcoming you to more places where you can Meet Extraordinary.



Ryan Simonetti, CEO and co-founder of Convene

Nick Hoare, managing director of etc.venues

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s happening with etc.venues and Convene?
A:  You can read about Convene’s acquisition of etc.venues and the plan to unite in our press release and in the FT article here. This is an exciting new chapter, which creates a global sector leader!

Q: Is anything changing with my contact person / sales representative at etc.venues or Convene?
A: No. Feel free to reach out to your direct contact as normal in relation to existing, current and future bookings for meetings and events.

 Q: I have a meeting or event scheduled at etc.venues or Convene, how will this news impact my program/booking?
A: All existing programs and bookings will continue as planned. There is no action currently needed, but you can reach out to your direct contact if you would like to discuss anything further.

Q: When can I expect more information about what’s changing for me?
A: Over the next few months, Convene and etc.venues will start to map out how to unite both businesses for the future. We will of course keep you updated throughout.

Q: Will the price of booking a program at etc.venues or Convene change? What about F&B packages and AV inclusions - can we expect any changes?
A: No. Our prices, F&B packages and AV inclusions are tailored to your individual event requirements.

Q: Where can I learn more about Convene’s or etc. venues’ locations?
A: Visit the location pages on the Convene website  or the venue pages on the etc.venues website.

Q: I’m an etc.venues customer, can I now book an upcoming meeting or event at a Convene location, and vice versa?

A. Yes you can, please reach out to to book with Convene. To book with etc.venues, please contact  for UK inquiries, or for US inquiries.

Q: What does this acquisition mean for our landlord partners?
A. As a combined entity, our landlord partners will benefit from our shared expertise allowing us to better help them monetize their commercial real estate assets. If you are a landlord partner interested in having a conversation with our real estate team, please reach out to or 

Q: As part of this acquisition, will either of the companies names or brands change?
A. No. You will still be able to expect the same brand standards and service from your respective provider.

Q: Where can I reach out with any additional questions?
A: or