August 6, 2019

Spot Debbie Harry at 360 Madison

We take a peek at one of the vibrant artworks that will be adorning the walls of our upcoming midtown venue.

At etc.venues, we believe great art stimulates great conversations. That’s why you’ll see so many contemporary pieces throughout all of our meeting venues.

One of our most recent installations is called ‘Letting Go’. Created by one of our favourite artists, Matt Wilde, it’s just one of a series that will be on display at our upcoming New York conference and event venue located at 360 Madison.

Why we’re wild about Matt Wilde

Franck Rosello, Head of Design at etc.venues, believes Matt’s work is a perfect fit for our new midtown meeting venue:

“His canvases are always so vibrant, full of energy and stylish – just like this wonderful city!”

Matt graduated from Liverpool’s John Moore School of Art, in 1998. It was during this time that he began to incorporate mixed media into his artwork such as shopping receipts and newspaper clippings. His inspiration comes from crowded urban streets and is full of wit and humour as demonstrated by ‘Letting Go’…

Every day scenes with a twist

At first glance, this lively canvas depicts a busy everyday New York street. We can see the NYC cops patrolling, there’s a yellow cab stuck in traffic and there’s even a Burger King. However, if you look a little closer, you’ll notice that the scene is studded with famous faces – creating a fun, quirky and irreverent urban landscape that will soon have you hooked.

How many faces do you recognize?

Once you spot one celebrity, it’s difficult not to go looking for another. Is that really Yoko Ono and John Lennon ordering a hot dog? Who is Andy Warhol chatting to? Could that be U2’s Bono hanging onto the subway rail? And there’s something very familiar about the gentleman who’s hailing a cab… any thoughts?

It’s not just art, it’s a conversation starter

Just like all of the artworks in our conference and event venues, ‘Letting go’ is a real conversation piece. Why not schedule a visit to 360 Madison and find out for yourself?

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