April 22, 2019

etc.venues is coming to New York this fall 2019

etc.venues CEO Alastair Stewart, speaks to Caleb Parker.

Having joined etc.venues in 2006, Alastair Stewart has fearlessly lead our team from £9m in sales to £60m. Welcoming over 850,000 delegates through the doors of our 16 UK venues, receiving countless industry awards, rave reviews from clients and even visits from The Royal Family and Prime Minister.

Hosted by Caleb Parker of Future In 15, listen below or watch on YouTube as Alastair talks about our expansion across the Atlantic and our exciting launch in New York.

Podcast series: Views from etc.venues ep2

Length: 9:32

Listen on: Soundcloud| iTunes

Below are just some of the standout moments from episode two of ‘Views From etc.venues’.

[0:33] How do you feel about the upcoming New York launch?
[0:59] The bespoke nature of our offering.
[2:14] Why now?
[3:11] What do you see as your biggest challenges?
[4:40] Here’s an example of a really bad meeting and conference product…
[6:29] With no rating system for venues, how do planners know your good?
[7:19] If there was a rating system, what should the criteria be?

Watch the full podcast with Caleb and Alastair below.

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