A more thoughtful exhibition space solution

There’s nothing more frustrating for exhibition sponsors than low level interaction with delegates. That’s why we ensure our expo space is adjacent to our conference rooms rather than on a separate floor or tucked far away down some long winding corridor. By designing our venues like this, delegates are more likely to circulate the stands and connect with sponsors.

Exhibition space engineered for interaction

Ensuring our expo space is next to our conference rooms is just one way we facilitate greater interaction. Here are a few other smart ways we engineer greater engagement.

coffee points are talking points

Coffee points are talking points

Our attendees love our unlimited fresh bean-to-cup coffee which is available from our self-serve coffee points throughout the day. Meanwhile, our sponsors love being able to mix and chat with delegates at these high-footfall focal points (which surround the exhibition space). It’s a natural and highly effective way to engage.

lunch time is networking time

Lunchtime is networking time

We can engineer even more interaction between sponsors on their stands and attendees by serving standing buffet-style lunch in the exhibition area. Nothing encourages conversations and connections better than chatting over some of our chefs’ freshly prepared cuisine.

branding throughout

Greater branding opportunities

Another way we support sponsors is by increasing their visibility. Throughout the exhibition space, we have designated branding areas – including the pillars, walls, windows and sometimes even our artwork can be adapted to ensure the whole floor has one consistent theme to encourage delegates to search them out

foot fall

Increased footfall for stands 

By locating our exhibition space as a thoroughfare between the entrance and the plenary, the plenary and the breakout areas, and between the show and the washrooms, we increase traffic passing exhibitors’ stands. 

Floorplans and 360 Venue Tours

When planning a conference and exhibition one of the most important aspects is understanding how many stands a space can accommodate. Fortunately, we have created 3D interactive plans of all our conference venues. These plans include a layout with 3m x 2m exhibition stands so you can quickly see the most effective use of the space. We also include all the dimensions of our rooms in case you have a need for a bespoke exhibition or installation. 


If you want to experience the venue as if you were a delegate you can use our 360 degree tours to explore the whole venue. 


Alternatively, get in touch with one of our expert team to arrange a site visit or a bespoke 2D layout.

Our Top Exhibition Space

We have compiled a quick reference guide to our top conference and exhibition spaces. For each location we have outlined the main conference room and its adjacent exhibition space. We have also included the exhibition area in square metres and square feet and the approximate number of stands it can accommodate.

All our venues have very flexible space so we are often able to accommodate the conference even if you don’t find it on our list. 

Regional Cities Conference and Exhibition Space

Our Manchester exhibition space works perfectly with our conference rooms and is designed to increase interaction.

Manchester, Portland Street, Piccadilly

Our Manchester venue is located on the 8th Floor and has uninterrupted views of Manchester City. 

Panorama Suite and Lounge - the most common configuration is Panorama 2 & 3 for 250 theatre and the Lounge combined with Scan for up to 12 stands. There are many other configurations so one will fit your requirements. 

Whole conference wing - when all the air walls are removed the conference wing is 528m2 (5,680 sq. ft) and can accommodate 30 stands.

Our Birmingham venue with exhibition space is perfect for hosting exhibitions. With collapsible walls our we can provide the perfect size space.

Birmingham, Corporation Street, Maple House

Our Birmingham venue is located in the heart of the city. 

Accelerate Suite and Lounge - the conference room holds 160 theatre and lounge space for 8 stands. 

Expand Suites - the Expand Suite holds 110 theatre and then the Expand 3 & 4 and Catering space is 115m2 (1,237 sq.ft) and can hold 12 stands. 

Large Exhibition Space in London

County Hall, Waterloo

The whole venue is 68,000 sq. ft of space on 2 floors and has been used entirely for Business to Consumer Trade Shows due to its location. There are two dedicated conference and exhibition solutions for large conferences:

County Suite and Thames Suite – offers a conference room for up to 400 and an exhibition and networking space of 678m2 (7,300 sq. ft) which can accommodate 54 stands.

Waterloo Suite and Knights Lounge – offers a conference room for 330 and exhibition and networking space of 220m2 (2,370 sq. ft) which can accommodate 14 stands.

200 Aldersgate, St Pauls

This venue has 3 different conference and expo solutions across 2 floors. The total space of 26,000 sq ft can be combined or used in 3 exclusive options.

North Wing – Premium Suite and Galleria – offers a conference room for up to 400 and an expo space of 530m2 (5,700 sq. ft) which can hold 24 stands.

Upper Ground Floor – offers Creative 1 for 350 theatre style and Creative 2 & 3 as an expo of 189m2 (2,045 sq. ft) for 12 stands.

South Wing – Impressive Suite and St Pauls Lounge – this can be used for smaller conferences with up to six sponsors using pop ups.

155 Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street

If you are looking for a trade fair in the City of London then 155 Bishopsgate, situated next to Liverpool Street, is the ideal venue. The space can be hired exclusively offering a single floor of 20,000 sq. ft.

Broadgate Suite and Galleria – offers a conference room for up to 600 and a trade show space of 793m2 (8,535 sq. ft) which can hold up to 48 stands.

Whole Venue - offers space for up to 100 exhibition stands using the combination of all five meeting rooms and the Galleria. 

133 Houndsditch, Liverpool Street

Our largest conference and exhibition venue in the City of London offers 2 floors totalling over 42,000 sq. ft. Each floor can be used exclusively, or they can be combined into one large conference and exhibition solution. Here are the two dedicated solutions.

2nd Floor - Enterprise Suite and Galleria – offers a conference room for up to 700 and open exhibition space of 740m2 (7,965 sq. ft) which can hold 47 stands. However, the Galleria can be combined with the Integrate Rooms to expand the exhibition to 1200m2 (12,920 sq. ft) or 76 stands.

3rd Floor – Partnership Suite and Exchange Lounge – has a dedicated conference room for up to 240 next to a lounge of 467m2 (5,025 sq. ft) holding 13 stands. Again, the Lounge can be extended with the addition of the Affiliation rooms to 715m2 (7,690 sq. ft) and 25 stands. 

Expo Venues in London

Monument, Monument and Bank

This venue has 4 floors of meeting, training and conference space. The 4th floor offers a dedicated solution for small conference and exhibitions. 

Principal Suite and Lounge – the main room can hold 240 delegates in theatre style and the adjacent lounge can hold up to 6 stands.

Fenchurch Place, Fenchurch Street Station

Located above Fenchurch Street station, this venue has 23,500 sq. ft of space across one dedicated floor. It also has a private conference wing entrance from Crutched Friars. 

City Suite and City Lounge – the main room can hold 250 delegates in theatre style and the adjacent lounge can hold up to 15 stands.

New York Expo Space

360 Madison Avenue, Midtown Manhattan

This venue has 2 inter-connecting floors of dedicated meeting and conference space. 

4th Floor - Venture Suite with Galleria and Capital – the conference room can hold 312 delegates in theatre style and the open Galleria and Capital of 6,738 sq. ft (626m2) can accommodate up to 33 stands.

5th Floor - Enterprise Suite with Galleria and Progress – the conference room can hold 300 delegates in theatre style and the Galleria and Progress of 5,436 sq. ft (505m2) can accommodate up to 19 stands.

601 Lexington Avenue, Midtown Manhattan

This venue is located on the 14th floor with a dedicated conference wing. 

Market Suite (1&2) – the conference room can hold 160 delegates in theatre style and the adjacent Market (3&4) is 2,270 sq. ft (210m2) can accommodate up to 19 stands.

Whole Market Suite (1 - 4) - opening up the whole Market Suite offers a space of 4,508 sq. ft (418m2) which will hold up to 36 stands. 

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