Leave delegates wanting more not the door

At etc.venues we understand how important the delegate experience is for your next conference. That’s why our purpose-built conference rooms include the latest state-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrated to ensure delegates are left wanting more, not the door. It’s also the reason we ensure our conference space assists with the flow of your agenda with uninhibited sightlines, unique half-moon cabaret tables, nutritious food served in our bento boxes and an attentive team that feels more like an extension of your own.


Multiple screens for a more immersive experience and to ensure everyone can see the presentation not just those seated on the front row.


Ergonomic furniture and flexible seating with our space-saving half-moon cabaret tables maximises the potential delegate numbers and provides supreme all-day comfort.


Uninhibited sightlines in a landscape layout to put the speaker at the front and centre of the room.


Food choices that spoil your delegates with freshly prepared nutritious and imaginative menus that energise.


Superfast Wifi to ensure a seamlessly connected glitch-free experience that's always high-speed.


Built in AV that includes staging, lectern, projectors, microphone and a public address system. In fact, everything you need to plug and play.

Purpose-built for conferences

Every single conference room is meticulously designed to ensure the most effective and flexible configuration possible. High-definition ceiling mounted projectors are standard across all our rooms with the majority deploying laser technology. No need for back projection and lost capacity to ensure cinema quality viewing. Optimised for successful presentations, our landscape-oriented space ensures attendees enjoy premium comfort and close proximity to the speaker and screens.

Our conference rooms are great for large meetings and can be combined with exclusive adjacent networking and exhibition space for an industry leading solution.

Plus, some of our conference venues have multiple floors allowing co-located events a dedicated environment and extensive exhibition options.

Select a convenient conference centre

Hosting your conference in a city centre venue provides your delegates with convenient transport links and, more importantly, with the backdrop and culture of a thriving, vibrant and energetic environment. It’s why all our venues are located in popular city centre destinations.

Our venues serve Europe and North America with accessible locations.

To find a conference room near you, review our constantly expanding list of stunning city centre venue locations.

Conference rooms to suit you

We have spaces to suit every type of requirement from a symposium or seminar to a press conference, product launch or even an association convention. Many of the largest technology, banking and financial service companies choose our venues for their Business Summits, CX Forums and Technology Forums because of the modern, high-energy environment and super reliable IT infrastructure.

Impressing sponsors, delegates, and organisers

One of the most common types of conference we host are those with an expo, exhibition or trade show attached. Often these will be an associations' annual conference and exhibition. Although, many commercial congresses for business-to-business verticals look to showcase sponsors in an integrated exhibition format. This means we must impress both the sponsors and delegates to impress planners of these events.

Our dedicated and private exhibition space, that is always adjacent to the main plenary room, is ideal for a conference and exhibition because it creates a natural ‘flow’ of attendees past the sponsors. We also serve all the food and beverage throughout the day in this area which engineers’ interaction between these two important audiences.

Find out more about our exclusive conference and exhibition spaces.

Flexible conference rooms

Our flexible space and adaptable room sizes means our meeting rooms can be tailored to suit any purpose.


Range of Sizes

From small conference rooms for a seminar or forum to larger spaces for a world congress or convention.


Variable Lay out

Let us know the agenda, and we can set your room up to suit your needs. Layouts include theatre style, classroom style, cabaret style and we have even created a forum style.


Removeable Walls

Whether it is for breakout sessions or streams most of our meeting rooms have one or more air walls that can easily divide the space over a refreshment break.



Your conference room booking can be from half a day to as long as you need it. They’re available on-demand but you will need to book in advance.

Conference room FAQs

Usually, a conference room is described as a larger meeting room. It is a place used for a gathering of people who come to 'confer' or discus ideas around a common interest or subject. We have put together a guide of common event terms to help. 

A number of components influence best value for hiring or renting space. These can include location, size of space, duration and the number of delegates or attendees. To ensure you get the best price, we recommend you get in touch with us and we can give you a bespoke proposal.

The short answer is, whatever you need! If you let us know what your requirements are, we’ll ensure you have it during your meeting – whether it’s basic equipment such as lecterns, microphones or a laptop or access to hybrid event solutions.