Want to know what’s new in New York? Tune into our ‘We Want to Meet…’ series of podcasts hosted by our VP of Business Development, Fiona Macpherson. Fiona is a Brit, but her heart’s very much in New York and, like most New Yorkers, she loves to share her thoughts, views and opinions… enjoy!

We want to meet... David Adler

Is the events industry  about to enter “A Golden Era?”  You really don’t want to miss our latest podcast…Fiona Macpherson catches up with one of the event industry’s brightest voices, David Adler from Biz Bash, who shares some stunning insights.


We want to meet... Rob Budd

Where will you find the best burger in New York? How do you create the perfect Yorkshire Pudding? And what food does the UK produce that the US can’t quite match (the answer will really surprise you!)? Find out by tuning into the third instalment of our ‘We Want to Meet You’ podcast and hear Fiona Macpherson chat to Executive Chef, Rob Budd, who leads our food program in NYC.

We want to meet… Jaclyn Bernstein

Fiona meets Jaclyn Bernstein, President and Partner at Empire Force Events, a New York planner who is unflinching in her quest for excellence. The two share thoughts, opinions and experiences of what makes an ‘excellent venue’, how event food can be some of the best you will experience and what it means for New York to be getting back to live events.  

We want to meet... Fred Dixon

Our first podcast brought Jaclyn Bernstein, President and Partner at Empire Force Events, and Fred Dixon, CEO NYC & Co to etc.venues 360 Madison. Jaclyn, as a board member of NYC & Co, talked to Fred about the wonderful work that the bureau has done over the past 18 months to build the events community and keep them engaged. They also discussed how New York is emerging from lockdown as a better solution for event planners.