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Our second Hybrid Masterclass Event demonstrates how 'Hybrid Hubs' can bring an event to life plus so much more.

A survey of event professionals during our second hybrid event since lockdown revealed that 95 per cent of them are planning a hybrid event before the end of the year.

This figure reflects a growing commitment to hybrid events as, at the beginning of July, 73 per cents said they expected to hold a hybrid event in 2020.

Many are already putting this into action, with 34 per cent of respondents already in the process of organising a hybrid or multi-hub event, while 61 per cent are in the decision-making phase for their event.

 The data was collected from 1,215 event planners globaly who attended our second second in a series of Hybrid Events Masterclasses. 

Topics discussed ranged from how to best engage virtual and in-person attendees, bringing audiences across locations together via hybrid hubs and networking at hybrid events.

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