Planners are now switching from virtual to face-to-face gatherings

The outlook for the meetings and events industry is looking very promising. After two challenging years, during which our offering adapted to embrace the latest hybrid tech, we’re now seeing a rapid switch from virtual events to face-to-face conferences. 

In fact, across our portfolio, demand to hire our venues has increased 20% week on week for the past three weeks as event planners return to live-only events faster than expected.

So, what’s triggered the positive change in mindset?

During a recent interview, Nick Hoare, our COO, shared his thoughts with Calum Di Lieto, Editor of C&IT. Nick explained how clients are “sick of being tied at home and not being able to meet up and network in-person.” 

The Year of Meeting up

We believe it’s this insight that is fuelling the rapid return to face-to-face meetings and conferences. So much so, that we’re already referring to 2022 as ‘The Year of Meeting Up’.

After all, people have had enough of staring at webcams. We are social animals and enjoy being together. We want to connect at a deeper level and that can only be achieved face-to-face, through shared experiences.

This renewed confidence is just one reason why we are now planning to roll out new meeting venues on both sides of the Atlantic to meet the expected increase in demand for venue hire.

Renewed confidence in corporate events has many booking recurring meetings. ‘The Year of Meeting Up’ is already shaping up to be a great year.