Venue Interior

“If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere” is how Sinatra’s classic tune goes. So, what makes a British company like etc.venues so confident about opening meeting and conference venues in The Big Apple? Do we do more than other New York meeting venues – some of which include the finest hotels in the world?

Actually, we don’t. We do less. And that’s why we think we are a better choice...

Meeting and conference venue specialists

You see, unlike hotels, we don’t do weddings… or birthday parties… or spa treatments. In fact, we don’t cater for leisure guests or tourists at all. Instead, we focus solely on offering meeting venues for business. It’s this single-minded approach that makes etc.venues a ‘Brit’ different. It’s also the reason why we’re the ‘go to’ for so many meeting and conference planners.

Impressing people who are hard to impress

Last year was a busy one. We hosted over 18,000 events, across our meeting venues, attended by 900,000 visitors. The best bit for us? Well, it’s all the ‘thank you’ notes, back-slaps and, dare we say it, warm hugs we receive for a job well done – from clients who are hard to impress (including business leaders, Prime Ministers and even Royalty). Now we’re preparing for our biggest challenge yet: Impressing New Yorkers!

Doing the simple things exceptionally well

So, what’s our secret? If you ask our clients they’ll tell you that it’s no big secret at all. We just work hard to do the simple things, exceptionally well.

Inspiring design

Take the design of our venues for instance. Meticulous thought goes into room layouts, colour, specially commissioned art works and lighting to ensure attendees are inspired and at their best.

Performance-enhancing food

Our menus stimulate people, too. Onsite chefs create mouth-watering, energy-boosting dishes to keep teams powered-up whilst unlimited fresh bean coffee is always on tap. Expect a day full of high achievements and high-fives.

Smarter built-in tech

Unlike the design and food, you won’t notice the tech. That’s what makes it so smart. All of our AV is built-in and ready to go. No wires, no cables and no head-scratching. Connecting devices is a breeze with hi-speed Wi-Fi included in our DMP (Daily Meetings Package) or DDR (Day Delegate Rate).

All wrapped-up in award-winning service

From the moment you contact us you’ll be in award-winning hands – you’ll be looked after by the same team who won a Stella award for Best International Conference Centre, 2018.