New York Conference Venue Coming Soon - 360 Madison

Recently, we announced our first New York conference venue at 360 Madison. Scheduled to open late 2019, the 45,000 sq. ft. of urban design space will bring our award-winning approach from Central London to the heart of Midtown.

In a recent interview, Nick Hoare, our Chief Operating Officer explained:

“We want to share our flair with New York professionals who need stylish, elegant, highly contemporary spaces to interact, learn, get inspired and do business. We’re an innovative and challenging British brand adapting our highly successful model to a market that deserves a superior alternative to hotels.”

So, what makes etc.venues superior to the usual hotel option?

A more focused approach

The short answer – and one that regular readers of our blogs are used to hearing – is that we are specialists. Unlike a hotel, we don’t have the distractions of offering ancillary services such as spa treatments, gymnasiums, saunas, bedrooms, restaurants and so on. Instead of juggling lots of balls, we keep our eyes firmly fixed on just one... that’s why we never drop it.

Tried, tested and trusted

It’s this single-minded approach that has made etc.venues the leading conference brand in Central London – with more rooms (and space) than either Hilton or Marriot. And that’s not us bragging. It’s simply our way of demonstrating our credentials as tried, tested and trusted, conference specialists. 

Enviable reputation

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be investing millions of dollars designing and developing our conference venue at 360 Madison. In fact, we’re investing half a million installing a kitchen vent alone. That way, our onsite chefs will have the freedom to create the type of dishes that have earned us an enviable reputation in London, right here in New York.

Experience the difference

If you’d like to see the difference a specialist can make to your New York conference or event, the great news is you don’t need to wait until our doors open, late fall. You can book a hard hat tour right now and we’ll take you on a personal tour – complete with a set of 3D virtual goggles!