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When it comes to creating memorable meetings and events, wishy washy design doesn’t wash. That’s why we ensure our meeting and event spaces in London, Birmingham, Manchester and New York are purposefully designed and include:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows that allow plenty of natural light 
  • Vibrant colours that stimulate and inspire ideas and creativity
  • Striking design and provocative art that reflect the surrounding area and prompts conversation among attendees

Bringing meetings and events to life

The images above are a montage of three of our meeting and event spaces in Central London and bring these key themes – and your meeting and event – to life. 

From left to right:

  • Natural light floods our Marble Arch venue. The restaurant is a break-out space by day, a buffet lunch area by noon and party spot by night. 
  • Evocative graphics inside our Chancery Lane venue energise the event space and are a shout-out to London’s music scene and bold street art culture.
  • Talking points can be found throughout our Monument venue - from the classic SMEG fridge packed with refreshing drinks and yummy snacks to the ‘ice-breaker’ modern art drum installation.

Our event venues are ‘supercharged not superficial’

All our meeting and event spaces are far more than just ‘spaces’. Unlike many event venues in London and New York, ours are purposely designed – often from the ground-up – to host meetings and events. That’s why we say our venues are ‘supercharged not superficial’

For instance, sound-proofed walls ensure no unnecessary, noisy distractions allowing delegates to focus. Thoughtful room layouts and built-in screens mean presentations can be seen clearly by everyone attending, including those seated at the back of the meeting, event or conference. And the latest integrated tech ensures every face-to-face meeting can quickly and easily be extended to become a virtual meeting, too.

To find out more or to book a meeting or event, get in touch today.