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With over 17 years' experience at etc.venues between them, Manni and Fiona have seen etc.venues expand in London and across the UK. Now, they've landed in New York to head up our new venture at 360 Madison.

Hosted by Caleb Parker of Future In 15, listen below or watch on YouTube as Manni and Fiona discuss their successes in the UK, and what they bring to the new 360 Madison venue in New York.

Below are just some of the standout moments from episode four of 'Views from etc.venues'.

[0:41] Can you introduce yourselves?
[2:37] What was it about Manni and Fiona that made them best suited to the NYC venue?
[3:47] Are you all in a rock band together?
[4:26] There is no 'typical' event planner.
[8:34] Manni, what's one of the biggest challenges you've faced?
[10:42] We've always been proud of not being the cheapest option on the market.
[12:05] It's all about the experience.

Watch the full podcast with Caleb, Manni and Fiona below.

Making planners lives' easier

Making planners' lives easier. Views from etc.venues ep4

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