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Now that we're settling into 2021, we thought we'd take a look at how the next few months might unfold within the meetings and events sector and make a few customary predictions.

Once national vaccinations have taken place, we believe we'll see quite a few changes. Some will be expected while others - such as our fifth prediction - might come as a surprise!

1. Hybrid meetings and events will be here to stay.

Going forwards, we believe hybrid meetings will continue to play a valuable role as they provide a greater opportunity to boost attendance. In fact, according to a recent survey we carried out, only 6% of meetings planners don't think hybrid meetings and events are here to stay. Learn more here.

2. Virtual meetings (such as Zoom) will evolve. 

"You're on mute" was one of the most common phrases of 2020 as many of us grappled with the nuances (and frustrations) of virtual meetings. Today, most of us have become adept with the tech but few have progressed from broadcasting outside the 'spare room' at home. We're already seeing a step-change in production values as more clients see the benefits of broadcasting from studio-quality spaces for a far more professional result. Learn more here.

3. On demand meeting space will increase.

Is the fixed office lease dead? Perhaps not but we do believe more businesses - from SME's to large enterprises - will re-evaluate the rationale behind a high, long-term, fixed cost. We're already seeing corporate clients sub-lease whole floors and opt for flexible space and on-demand meeting rooms as and when required. This trend is likely to accelerate and become the norm as the need to be more agile becomes a key driver. Learn more here.

4. Landlords will focus more on amenities.

Following on from the previous point, as more fixed office space becomes available, landlords will need to work harder to attract long term tenants. Our design team is already working closely with landlords in the US to transform their buildings by installing high value amenities - such as meeting rooms, bars and lounges. It's only a matter of time before landlords in the UK follow a similar strategy.

5. We'll discover a love for commuting.

From hating the daily commute to loving it... we think most people (including us ) will appreciate those daily commutes we used to make - staring out the window, listening to the latest tunes through our headphones, catching up with friends and family or just taking a snooze free from any work or home distractions. Sounds like bliss! 

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