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It's not long now...

As the world begins to open its doors again, it’s surprising how much we’ve all missed so many of the activities we used to take for granted. Activities such as visiting the hairdressers or barbers, enjoying a workout session at the gym and savouring a freshly pulled pint from our local. 

What used to be the norm are now the highlights of our day.

No more compromises

What’s more, on top of proper haircuts, proper workouts and proper pints, in just a few weeks’ time, we’ll also be able to enjoy proper meetings. That means no more awkward silences on zoom, no more frozen screens, no more muted mics, no more catch-ups in sweaty jogging pants, and no more thrown together last-minute lunches from a tin or freezer.

Award-winning team

Instead, at etc.venues, you’ll be able to look forward to meetings with vibrant interiors furnished with contemporary art, sound-proofed walls, built-in tech, superfast connectivity, mouth-watering food and award-winning service – all in a covid-secure environment.

Face-to-face meetings are more productive

Proper face-to-face meetings, training days and events aren’t just more enjoyable they’re more productive. You simply get a lot more done in less time.

Better personal chemistry

Plus, if you’re meeting someone new, then there’s that all-important body language and personal chemistry; something which is virtually impossible to replicate with a virtual meeting.

Available from 17th May

And the great news is, all of this will be possible from 17th May. So, just hang in there. Until then, if you have an event, training course or meeting in mind, call us on 0207 105 6090 or fill out the form below.