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A poor Wi-Fi sig...nal that con…stant…ly breaks u….p comm…uni…cation can be very frus…tra………..ting.

And, as an event planner, it can also undermine your reputation. That’s why having a strong connection and plenty of access points is vital. But how do you make sure your New York conference venue has a Wi-Fi network that’s’ fit for purpose?

The process can be complex and expensive

Some meeting organisers draw up their own connectivity plan outlining attendee numbers, expected devices, anticipated download requirements, security measures and more to ensure the right infrastructure is in place. The process can be incredibly complex and expensive.

A far simpler and cost-effective technique

Or, it can be simple and free. That’s because if you choose etc.venues for your New York conference or event, powerful and robust Wi-Fi is included in your DMP. Complexity is replaced with simplicity and not just for you but for attendees, too.

Connecting is quick, easy and secure

The moment attendees arrive, they’ll be provided with a password to connect without having to share personal details, email addresses or navigate through a splash screen. They just enter the security code and join the network. Quick, easy and, just as importantly, secure.

A Wi-Fi network that just works

No matter how many devices attendees connect – or where they are within the conference venue – Wi-Fi remains strong for a seamless experience. In fact, in some of our venues, the bandwidth is an incredible 10 Gb; that’s more than enough to keep over 700 attendees, each with 5 devices connected at the same time, very satisfied.

Fast and secure Wi-Fi is a must-have

Whether you’re planning to create an event that includes live webcasts or real-time voting through social platforms, fast and secure Wi-Fi is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have that will enhance your attendees’ experience and your reputation as a planner.