Vibrant and cool meeting room 'Spirit' is designed to stimulate creativity.

Now that we are all back in the room for those important meetings it is essential to make sure the participants are engaged. This is even more important when the purpose of getting together is to get creative. We have put together a short check list to help.

  1. Choose a naturally creative environment.
    If you select a venue or meeting room which is dull and uninspiring you will find the meeting content a little flat. Luckily, it is our mission to rescue planners from the tyranny of dull meeting rooms. We have a wide selection of creative meeting rooms in London, purpose built to ensure creativity will flourish. Check out our hand-picked selection of creative meeting room options from our London venues.
  2. Use our Doodle walls.
    Many of our most creative rooms have fun doodle walls to awaken your creativity. Doodling has no rules and is great way for your entire team to generate ideas. Everyone can be creative, but sometimes people just need a doodle board to express that. Doodling can also stimulate your brain to solve problems that you might be struggling with.
  3. Change the Room Set-Up.
    A formal set up like a boardroom or a classroom tends to result in more formal interactions. Change it up. After all, you are having a creative meeting with your team so present and discuss topics in an informal way with an informal set-up. A campfire session could be perfect. Imagine people huddled around a campfire listening to someone telling a story and you get the idea. We simply arrange a few chairs or couches in a casual cluster to create a relaxed seating arrangement and you’re good to go. The speaker starts the conversation and then facilitates discussion and group chat. There’s no real need for formal slides. Suits 15-20 people. Here are some other creative ideas for room set-ups and interaction.
  4. Use our breakout areas and lounges.
    A change of scenery can help stimulate the mind. Our break-out spaces and lounges are designed to spark conversations. They are a creative backdrop that include fun games, comfortable seating and a coffee point bursting with tasty, healthy treats. Get your team to grab a drink and relax for a few minutes. Then start a board game or try the Nintendo console or Fooseball table. It is moments like this when your mind begins to relax, and great ideas present themselves.
  5. Take a stroll.
    From the moment you set-off walking you will find it will help give you a clear mind and start thinking about some brilliant ideas to contribute. It doesn’t matter where you go, a short walk around the block or a longer walk to a local monument. Since, all our venues are located in city centres your creativity can be inspired by the City’s buzz, iconic buildings, and historic architecture.
  6. Have a healthy breakfast
    When you arrive, our friendly team will greet you with a smile and guide you to your morning breakfast. A welcoming and friendly feeling is an important start to a day of creative thinking. So is a healthy and nourishing breakfast. We recommend you and your team feed your brains for the task at hand. That is why we always include a healthy breakfast at all our venues.
  7. Don’t get distracted.
    Brainstorming sessions work best when your team are free from distractions. Make sure the room you choose for your creative session is fully sound-proofed and has a door! Open plan is great to work in but not ideal for a creative meeting. Helpfully all our meeting rooms have lockable doors and sound-proofing so you can get completely immersed in your creativity.
  8. Take in our Artwork.
    A tip from our Head of Design, Franck Rosello, who says:

    “Our art reflects our brand’s personality. The work is diverse, distinctive, and edgy. The whole idea is to stimulate people’s minds; to tease and provoke in a playful way; we want to generate a positive reaction and prompt debate and discussion between guests. In that sense, our artworks are often conversation starters.

    At the same time, we also have pieces that are like pause buttons during a hectic day. We can be so busy multi-tasking and that can leave us feeling depleted. Great art stimulates; it lifts and inspires, allowing our minds to wander and escape – it’s healthy and recharges our system. That’s why we’re very careful about what goes on our walls. Bland art, on the other hand, is like a low-level hum in the background – of no real consequence and generally ignored. We have no time for that.”

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