Having joined etc.venues in 2018, Nick shares his amazing back story - which starts with him spending his first ever day at work in one of our conference venues, whilst completing a training day for Accenture.

Plus, learn more about the operational side of etc.venues and Nick's take on doing the small things really well, in order to make a big difference.

Hosted by Caleb Parker of Future In 15, listen below or watch on YouTube as Nick talks about our expansion across the Atlantic and our exciting launch in New York.

Below are just some of the standout moments from episode three of ‘Views from etc.venues’.

[1:54] When did you join etc.venues?
[4:17] From a client to being part of the business, has your perspective changed?
[5:18] How healthy is etc.venues?
[6:38] New York represents a fantastic opportunity...
[7:46] With some of the best hotels offering meeting and conference space, do you see them as a challenge?
[9:26] Why should event planners give you a shot?
[12:18] I can easily see that in 3 or 4 years time, we'll have a similar size business in New York, as we do in London...
[13:20] Nick, will you be moving to New York?

Listen to the full Podcast with Caleb and Nick below.