Our Head of Design, Franck Rosello, divulges some of his secrets about how he brings an etc.venues space to life

Although he began with etc.venues in an operations role, art and design has always been a passion for Franck, and that passion has seen him transition into our Head of Design.

Since assuming that role, Franck has helped bring multiple event venues to life; from art installations which get delegates talking, to interior design that reflects the area surrounding the venue.

Hosted by Caleb Parker of Future In 15, listen below or watch on YouTube as Franck discusses his personal and professional life, and what he's bringing to the design of the New York venue.

Below are just some of the standout moments from episode five of 'Views From etc.venues'.

[0:55] How long have you been with the company?
[2:17] What goes on in your brain when you need to plan a new location?
[2:49] The Instagram moment.
[3:38] "It's not just beautiful, but it actually serves a purpose".
[6:29] What inspires you?
[8:01] Immersing yourself into a space.
[9:15] How do you decide what goes into a specific venue?
[11:23] What's going into the New York venue?
[13:03] Can you give us three of your secrets?

Listen to the full Podcast with Caleb and Franck below.