360 Madison

The first in our series of podcasts for US event planners and conference producers. Our Director of Sales, Margaretha Welsford, speaks to Caleb Parker and introduces etc.venues. 

Born in England and raised in the United States to Swedish parents, Margaretha Welsford has been with etc.venues since the start of our journey. So who better to introduce us to our American friends, as we plan our upcoming launch in New York.

Hosted by Caleb Parker of Future In 15, listen below or watch on YouTube as Margaretha talks about the early days of etc.venues, our expansion into the conference space and our exciting launch in New York.

Below are just some of the standout moments from episode one of 'Views from etc.venues'.

[0:24] How do you pronounce etc.venues?
[1:04] What do you do outside of etc.venues, Margaretha?
[2:11] Ask a silly question, get a silly answer!
[2:53] How has the company evolved since it started?
[4:56] So many times we talk about what's best for the planner or the venue, but we often don't ask what's best for the delegate...
[6:12] Are you ready to talk about New York?
[7:57] Can a British company be successful in America?
[10:27] You say an etc.venue is like a hotel, but different. Is it better?

Listen to the full Podcast with Caleb and Margaretha below.