Over the past few months, there’s been an increase in demand for hybrid meetings and events. For those unfamiliar with the term ‘hybrid meeting’ here’s a brief overview: 
In short, a hybrid meeting or event brings remote and in-person attendees together so that they can engage and interact through live polls, Q&As, and live presentations. It’s the best of both worlds and could seriously boost the attendance of your next event.

Running a successful hybrid event requires specialist expertise which is why etc.venues has recently partnered with Glisser to offer a comprehensive solution. Glisser’s hybrid event software provides a seamless and award-winning experience for online and in-person attendees; allowing them to fully engage in the day and creating an immersive experience – whether they are at home or the office or within the venue.

It’s great news for meeting and event planners, too. Once the hybrid event is over, organisers can access and download a whole range of data and analytics; detailed information that highlights how and what aspects of the day attendees interacted with – helping planners understand the day’s successes and potential gaps or weaknesses. It means, going forwards, a planner can use these insights to plan even more effectively and, potentially, create even better events.  

Another benefit of the etc.venues and Glisser partnership is simplicity. You only have to get in touch with one contact to start planning your next hybrid event. Our expert team are on hand to guide you through the various hybrid meeting options and to help you put together the best solution. 

Better still, all of our hybrid event packages are available throughout our portfolio of meeting and event venues in London, Birmingham, Manchester and New York.

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