Avonmouth House

Mention our Avonmouth venue to our clients and you’ll receive a knowing nod and a warm smile. That’s because Avonmouth is quite special. For starters, this is where the etc.venues brand began; it was our first training and meeting venue back in 1992 and became the template for our approach.

Loved by clients

Clients love the fact that we really get to know their needs; how they like their training and meeting rooms set up, how quickly we respond to last-minute requests; how hard we work to ensure their day is seamless from start to finish. It’s why feedback like this is so common:

“Thank you for making our event so successful at such short notice!”

“The professionalism and willingness to help is just amazing.”

“It is such a pleasure dealing with all the staff in this venue from booking right through to post-event.”

Award-winning food

Another reason clients adore our Avonmouth venue is the food. Freshly prepared onsite by award-winning chefs, our snacks, breakfast and lunchtime dishes are as nutritious as they are delicious – and served up in the vibrant bistro which sits at the heart of the venue.

All our training and meeting venues are purposefully designed and include:


  • Superfast and secure infrastructure to provide high speed Wi-Fi 
  • Sound-proofed walls and ceilings to eliminate distractions
  • Built-in AV including screens and projectors 
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows that allow plenty of natural light 
  • Vibrant colours that stimulate and inspire 

Supercharged not superficial

All our training and meeting spaces are far more than just ‘spaces’. Unlike many venues in London, ours are purposely designed – often from the ground-up – to host meetings. That’s why we say our venues are ‘supercharged not superficial’

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