If you ask our chief designer to share his thoughts on designing the perfect conference venue, he will do one of two things: He will either try to change the subject or he will reply with an almost inaudible whisper. That’s because Franck Rosello does not like to divulge his trade secrets.

Only a few people know his techniques or methodologies. However, thousands have experienced his work. Every time you step into one of our meeting or event venues, you are walking through one of Franck’s distinctive creations. No doubt, our New York conference venue will be another masterpiece.

It takes effort to create an effortless experience

The effect is always the same: when delegates walk in, they relax. They find what they’re looking for intuitively, they mix with others naturally and everything works seamlessly. That’s because Franck has put a lot of effort into making sure the whole experience is effortless.

So, how does he do it?

Well, we can’t reveal all of his secrets but we can share one or two of his closely-guarded pearls of wisdom with you (but don’t tell him we told you).

It all begins with a blank canvas

Like many creative people, Franck begins his work with a blank canvas. In this instance, that means finding the right kind of space. Hundreds of empty buildings are dismissed before a final one is chosen. It’s a selection process that can take years because one important attribute needs to be perfect:

There has to be plenty of sunlight.

Research has proven that natural light not only elevates our mood, it energises us. So, having a venue that is full of sunlight is an effective way of enhancing every meeting, conference or event. It’s the reason why high ceilings and large windows are a visual signature at etc.venues.

How artwork helps you network

Modern art plays an important role, too. However, few people understand why… and that neatly brings us on to the final secret we’re going to reveal (we’ll be in serious trouble now).

You’ll notice plenty of specially commissioned prints, sculptures, installations and paintings within our venues. One-offs you won’t see anywhere else. Not even in a gallery.

They’re visually striking and often spark conversation between delegates who’ve just arrived. Before they realise it, attendees are already chatting, networking and getting down to business – without even thinking about it. And that’s the whole point…

Who would ever have thought artwork could help you network?

Franck Rosello; that’s who.