Front cover 2022 edition of Conferences & Conventions by Tony Rogers. etc.venues included for 'best practices'.


We’re delighted to be included in the 2022 edition of Conferences & Conventions by Tony Rogers. This global publication reviews the current trends and emerging topics within the hospitality industry.

Best practices

The book examines many aspects of the conference industry bringing to light best practices, knowledge and the skills required to organise memorable conferences with detailed descriptions of all the planning and operational processes.

Chancery Lane case study

The Chancery Lane case study introduces etc.venues as a venue provider with a ‘creative and customer-focussed approach’ and highlights the range of events and types of clients hosted at this particular venue:

etc.venues Chancery lane venue image included in the 2022 edition of Conferences & Conventions by Tony Rogers for best practices.


“Designed to inspire professionals to interact, learn and get creative in a more stimulating and inclusive setting than the conventional corporate training venue, etc.venues Chancery Lane has hosted a myriad of events and appeals to all industries and sectors. Clients include law firms and fashion houses, accountancy companies and advertising agencies; even clients from the civil service and film industry have run events at this venue.

The types of events include everything from product brainstorming to product launches or talent recruitment days and talent development training. The venue has also hosted some wonderful new event concepts like unconferences and hackathons: unconferences describe events where the delegates set the agenda at the start of the day; hackathons are designed as sprint-like events where the group is broken into smaller teams who then compete to solve problems in a limited time, with the best solution being chosen at the end of each sprint. The venue's clients have been challenged to think about taking their events beyond the four walls and to use the new space differently.”

Not all requirements are solved by high tech

The case study also highlights Chancery Lane’s technology-assisted environment and makes the point that not all requirements are solved by high-tech solutions – sometimes white walls and paper rolls can achieve a more sustainable and collaborative solution.

A great example of a collaborative space

The piece ends with a quote from Nick Hoare, Chief Operating Officer of etc.venues:

“We are very much in tune with what our customers are looking for and Chancery Lane is an example of a great collaborative space coming away from the traditional offering of syndicate rooms and trainers’ offices.”

You can read the full article by purchasing a copy of Conferences & Conventions by Tony Rogers, published by Routledge.