Alastair talks to Jazz FM about the Events Industry

Listen to Alastair Stewart, etc.venues MD, being interviewed on Jazz FM - as part of the Jazz Shaper series with Elliott Moss. Alastair talks about his ambition to run his own business and etc.venues plans for the future.

Highlights include: 

Elliott Ross - "Alastair Stewart. He is the part-owner, and we will talk about what part ownership looks like, of etc.venues. He is also the managing director. They are a forty million pound business or they will be by December of this year (2015) and he bought into the business about eight years ago and you are going to be hearing what that looks like as we talk to him."

Alastair Stewart - "If you want to do something quickly, you need to keep it simple."

Alastair Stewart -  "(At etc.venues) We spend a lot of time trying to get the small details right so that we can deliver an enjoyable conference venue experience as hosts."

Listen here to the whole interview.