A smarter way to collaborate

How many of the people reading this blog joined a new company one or two years ago? If you’re one of them, here’s an interesting question for you: 

Do you still feel like a new starter?

The chances are, if you’ve spent most of your time interacting with your colleagues online (via Zoom or Teams), then you probably still do, even after two years. 

That’s the issue with remote working. It leaves people feeling remote. Stop and start video-conferencing calls don’t allow you to build that sense of familiarity with your colleagues. It’s so much harder to get to know them; to have a laugh with them; to be relaxed and at ease with them. 

The best way to build trust

That’s why the best way to build strong working relationships is in person; by being together in the same room. 

Face-to-face meetings build familiarity which, in turn, build trust. 

So, if you want to develop an easier, more relaxed manner between you and your colleagues, start by meeting up. Even if it’s just once or twice a week.

Ready to welcome you.

Our whole team across London, Manchester, Birmingham, and New York are ready to welcome you back to our venues. Our operations teams are back, taking care of every single detail and our award-winning chefs are back, creating incredible dishes to delight and energise. 

It’ll be great to see you. More importantly, it’ll be great for you and your colleagues to see each other again!

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