New York Conference Venue Coming Soon - 360 Madison

Recently, we spoke to an event planner who told us they were suffering from ‘hotel ballroom fatigue.’ It sounded very painful. Apparently, this condition is quite common in the conference and events industry. Symptoms include general tiredness, glazed eyeballs and a complete loss of a sense of humour (if you didn’t laugh at that last bit, you may have caught it).

Thankfully, there’s now a cure:

It’s called 360 Madison.

Perfect for schmoozing not snoozing

Our new venue is located in the heart of Midtown and it is everything a hotel isn’t.

For starters, it’s been designed from the ground-up to be a conference and event venue. That means no tourists tying up reception or chasing after their children. And no compromises. 

Instead, every aspect of our New York venue at 360 Madison has been created with your event in mind – from the ease of entry and clear open areas to meet and greet, to the long list of opportunities to brand and own your space so it becomes an extension of your company.

360-degrees of ‘wow’ at 360 Madison

Expect everything you’ve ever wanted from a conference and event venue and a whole lot more: fresh food prepared by our highly talented team of in-house chefs who serve up a huge array of options (including meat, fish, vegan and gluten-free); intelligently integrated tech to bring presentations to life; thoughtfully designed interiors furnished with specially commissioned art to spark conversations and, best of all, an award-winning team of specialists who’ll leave you and your attendees wanting more, not the door.